Urgent Request from District General Hospital – Mannar

Urgent Request from District General Hospital – Mannar


Dear Friends,

We’ve received urgent request from Mannar Hospital for assistance with the COVID-19.

Below is the brief on it:

District General Hospital – Mannar sent us a letter of urgent request.

Shortage of medical equipment and consumables to manage COVID-19.

We reached out to doctors and administrators at the hospital and in parts of Northern Province.

We’ve confirmed that there is a severe lack of supplies and equipment at DGH-Mannar.

This problem is prevalent throughout the Northern Province.

Any medical equipment and supplies coming into Sri Lanka are being prioritised else where.


Need is extensive and MFA can not support such an extensive ongoing expense.

Therefore, we are reaching out to the people to see what if any in the form of financial commitment you can make towards DGH-Mannar.

You can contact us by email, phone or fax below.

Any donations can be email transferred to us (mfa.ontario@gmail.com).


We welcome you to attend our Zoom meeting to discuss this further.

Below is the Zoom meeting schedule:


Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting Date: Friday, May 28, 2021

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM
Meeting ID: 682 872 0501
Passcode: 3024636


We thank each of you for your continued support.

We’re a minority in every country we live in.

Collectively we can make a difference.


Thank you and God Bless!


Sylvester Nicholas


Mannar Friendship Association